Robot RepairHelp FAQ


For download permission, custom searches
and all other questions contact:

Doug Darnell
Aaron Alden

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I can’t seem to download tracks for some reason.

Just email or call us and we can authorize your account for instant downloads.

Are the tracks pre-cleared?

All tracks have been pre-cleared for usage in advertising, film, trailers and TV.  BUT, usage and budget must be negotiated before use, which can be done quickly and simply by contacting or calling 310-264-6603.

Can the tracks be edited, revised?

Yes, most of them can be revised and/or splits can be provided with reasonable notice.

Can I use them for edits & client presentations?

You may download the tracks and use them for editing and edit presentation purposes only, without permission. You should always check with us to make sure tracks are available before presenting. Also, be aware that all downloads are tracked and files are tagged for digital tracking, so be sure to connect us for a license before airing or using the track on the internet, broadcast, reel or any other usage.You must secure a license for any usage and unauthorized usage will result in legal action.

Do you have longer versions of the tracks? Non-vocal versions?

Most of what we have is on the site, but if there’s something you don’t see¬†please ask, we can probably make it for you.

I’m not finding exactly what I want?

Just give us a shout. We can write an original track or rework the existing track for you.

How much does it cost to license a track?

It depends on usage, exclusivity, media and lots of other factors. Drop us an email¬†with details or give us a call and we’ll give you a quote.

Where can I use the tracks?

Tracks are available for usage in TV, film, trailers, advertising and digital media. Check with us for details and specifics.